Rental and sound engineering services, acoustic consultations, and sound installations in Charlottesville and the surrounding region.

PA Rentals

SoundAround can provide a PA-system that fits your needs at a reasonable cost. A basic wireless microphone setup can be out of the way and help you be heard in the classroom or boardroom, and our largest PA system is suitable for events with up to 200 attendees.

Schedule a rental for your next event!

Acoustic Consulting

Fundamental to all the work SoundAround does is an understanding of how materials reflect, absorb, and transmit sound.

An acoustic analysis can help you to understand the behavior of sound in your room, and a sound plan can help you take steps to improve its performance for your customers and employees!

Sound Installations

SoundAround can help to calm your space with room treatments from well-known suppliers.

The difference is, you have SoundAround to specify, source, and install sound treatment that gets you maximum bang-for-buck.

Without SoundAround, you may wonder where your money went — and hear it echo again and again!

Acoustic Consulting & Analysis

Acoustic Analysis is not just for performance venues.  If your business involves sound, chances are you could benefit from an analysis of your sound dynamics.  Whether your a restaurant that wants to provide an environment for quiet conversations or a music hall that wants the best sound quality bands, a thorough analysis can provide you with the best experience for your customers and other users of your space.


Who can benefit from acoustic treatment?

  • Music studios
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Art galleries
  • Classrooms
  • Home theaters
  • Shared workspaces
  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Anyone who cares for their ears!


What are the elements of an acoustic analysis?

  • Calculations of room characterstics using room dimensions & materials
  • Location & placement of sound sources within space and their effect on perception of sound
  • Consideration of ideal characteristics with respect to application
  • RT60 & frequency response
  • Smart product & best practice recommendations to achieve a soundscape that wows you!


How do we evaluate your space to provide solid recommendations?

  • Frequency response and accurate analysis using modern software
  • Personalized advice and no product affiliations
  • Real results for the sound of your business or residential space 
  • No ugly egg crate foam!

About SoundAround, LLC

SoundAround, LLC is owned and operated by Jay Berget, a lifelong musician with a passion for sound production, recording, acoustics, and studio design. He lives in Charlottesville with his wife and pets and works as a sound engineer.

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“My home studio, like those of many other musicians, is located in a bedroom. Jay took this boomy, hard-surfaced room and tamed it. He is scientific and intentional where sound is concerned. Now the room—which contains a full ensemble’s worth of instruments: acoustic drums; electric and acoustic guitars; electric basses; amplifiers of various types and sizes; a full midi-keyboard, etc.—is sonically alive. Thanks to Jay’s expertise and care, I now am capable of recording any instrument without worrying that its sound will control me. And he also is aware that the panels have an aesthetic as well as acoustic responsibility, so he makes them look good, thus creating an ambiance that makes the space comfortable and visually pleasing to work in. Couldn’t be happier with the tonality of my new studio.

Tom Palombi

Former lead singer and bassist of Occasional Reign and #9 Dream